Monday, December 18, 2000

Story Type Listing

I'm currently in the process of creating blog posts here for the story types I am working with; here is a partial list of the story types so far:

1. Live Man in Grave Taking a Last Look
2. The Scholar Who Cannot Swim
3. Akbar Learns Everything is for the Best
4. Birbal and Akbar's Portrait in the Mirror
5. Keeping Danger Away
6. The Teacher's Poisoned Baklava
7. Nasruddin Hides from Friends Upstairs
8. Sharing the "Reward" of a Hundred Lashes
9. Where is Your Nose, Nasruddin?
10. Naked Nasruddin in a Hurry
11. Akbar Asks Birbal's Daughter about Persian
12. Boy Shooting at Mango Nearly Shoots Akbar
13. Mahesh Das Meets Akbar, Lost in the Woods
14. Aged Ox Rings Akbar's Bell of Justice
15. Pots that Give Birth and Die
16. What is the Smuggler Smuggling?
17. Going to Be Hanged: True, or Not?
18. Where's the Cat? Where's the Meat?
19. Enlightenment
20. The Idiot's Calling Card
21. The Heat of a Candle
22. Nasruddin Scares Everyone, Himself Included
23. Donkey in the Stream
24. Nasruddin Rewards Frogs Who Croaked
25. Why The Men Were Quarreling
26. Nasruddin Hides from Thieves
27. I've Still Got the Recipe!
28. Nasruddin Makes the Bedouins Run
29. Nasruddin's Feet in the Rain
30. Nasruddin Feeds His Fancy Clothes
31. Let Those Who Know Teach Those Who Don't
32. Finding a Thief with Magic Sticks
33. The Barber Sends Birbal to Heaven
34. Birbal Answers Akbar's Riddles
35. Birbal Solves Case of Identity Thief
36. Birbal Fetches a Ring out of a Well
37. Birbal Answers Questions from Jealous Courtier
38. Birbal Rephrases Astrologer's Prediction
39. People Look, But They Do Not See
40. Akbar's Subjects and the Tub of Milk
41. Akbar Asks: Justice or Money?
42. Exiled Birbal Returns in Disguise
43. Lame Trainer, Lame Horse
44. Hens Lay Eggs, Roosters Don't
45. The Pandit Called Panditji
46. The Flatterer's Journey to Birbal
47. Eating Eggs Sitting in a Chair
48. Ask the Horse!
49. Nasruddin and the Case of the Cow
50. The Sound of Nasruddin's Voice
51. Nasruddin Was Robbed
52. Sawing the Branch You're Sitting On
53. Guess What I Have in my Pocket
54. Feeding the Monkeys
55. Riding the Donkey Backwards
56. Interpreting the Moon for the King
57. The Definition of Bread
58. Our Robbers Would Take Everything
59. Filling a Pitcher with No Bottom
60. Nasruddin Shoots Three Times
61. The Magic Nosebag
62. Nasruddin Attacks Dervish in the Night
63. Nasruddin Loans His Friend a Robe
64. The Animal That Saved Nasruddin's Life
65. Nasruddin's Wife Loses Her Mind
66. You're Right; Everybody's Right
67. Thief Takes Cloak; Nasruddin Takes Saddle
68. Camels with Wings
69. Getting Rich without Working
70. Nasruddin Hunting Bears
71. Man Who's Less Useful Than a Cabbage
72. Who Are You Going to Believe?
73. Nasruddin's Prowess in Battle
74. Can a Boy Bite Himself?
75. Nasruddin and the Zodiac Goat
76. Nasruddin's Threat: Or Else...
77. An Argument Among Women
78. An Answer to Every Question
79. Nasruddin has Eggs for Sale
80. The Wise Man Listens
81. A Loan for an Elephant
82. Big Mosque, Small Mosque
83. Keeping Dry in a Downpour
84. Seducing the Angel of Death
85. Nasruddin's Lamp in the Dark
86. Nasruddin Won't Be Fooled Twice
87. I Was About to Get Off Anyway
88. Paying for the Smell of Food
89. Nasruddin the Nightingale
90. Names of the Days in a Strange Town
91. What Must Be, Not What Might Be
92. Nasruddin at the Police Station
93. Answering a Question with a Question
94. Make Sure to Use Some Tar Too
95. Eggplant, Good and Bad
96. Nasruddin Wants Reward for Good News
97. The Air is the Same Here
98. More Places to Look for the Donkey
99. Drying Flour on a Clothesline
100. Nasruddin and the Miller
101. Son Remembers Day Nasruddin Was Born
102. Move Your House into the Garden
103. The Tailor Wants Two Coins
104. To the Right or the Left of the Coffin
105. Nasruddin and the Three Christian Monks
106. A Boy or a Girl?
107. Nasruddin's Age, Then and Now
108. Eating Duck Soup
109. Comforting the Widower Nasruddin
110. Keep Your Secrets to Yourself
111. The Wind Blows Nasruddin's Food
112. Growing a Pumpkin in a Pot
113. Akbar and the Widow's Sword
114. The Sadhu and the Widow's Money
115. The Death of the Holy Parrot
116. The Owls Talk about Akbar's Forests
117. Recognizing a Bull and an Emperor
118. The Washerman and the Potter
119. Counting Ripples on the Yamuna
120. The Answer to Everything Is "No"
121. One Hundred Questions, or Just One?
122. Birbal and the Wax-Prince
123. People Follow Nasruddin on His Donkey
124. Which Woman Does Nasruddin Love Most?
125. Nasruddin and the Quadrupeds
126. Traveling Wise Men in Nasruddin's Village
127. Born under the Sign of the Donkey
128. Mother Cow and Obstinate Calf
129. Nasruddin's Footwork
130. What They Do with the Moon
131. Nasruddin Says He Found a Ring
132. Nasruddin and the Wet Cat
133. Fox Guarding the Stall
134. Nasruddin Rides an Ox in a Race
135. Nasruddin Sits on the Load
136. The Philosophical Chicken
137. Nasruddin and the Untrustworthy Porter
138. Nasruddin the Sleepwalker
139. The Crow and the Soap
140. A Humble Fisherman's Net
141. Punishment in Advance
142. Crying at Birth and at Death
143. Nasruddin Holds up a Wall
144. Nasruddin's Plans, Inshallah
145. Nasruddin Rescues the Moon
146. The Mule's Tail Is Not Far
147. Nasruddin at the Bathhouse
148. Nasruddin Thinks of Soup
149. Have You Never Seen a Fool?
150. Nasruddin and the Graveyard Dog
151. Nasruddin and the Wind
152. Nasruddin Plays the Lute
153. Nasruddin Shops for Clothes
154. The Ladder in the Garden
155. Reading with a Turban
156. Half of a Grape
157. Rejoicing over a Lost Donkey
158. Nasruddin's Wedding Invitation
159. Thinking about Halva
160. The Forty-Year-Old Vinegar
161. Tamerlane and the Whip
162. The Oilman and the Butcher
163. The Tree as Witness
164. Birbal's Khichdi
165. The Bag that Was Darned
166. Mango Tree on the Borderline
167. Who Pulled the Emperor's Beard?
168. Who Is the Most Beautiful Child?
169. The Power of a Child's Whim
170. Lucky and Unlucky Faces
171. How Many Men Obey Their Wives?
172. Walking in Sun and in Shade
173. Discovering the Mother Tongue
174. Akbar Pays in Advance
175. Akbar versus Indra
176. Birbal Summons Akbar's Wife
177. Object Most Dear to the Empress
178. Birbal's Adventure in Burma
179. Birbal Gathers the Fools
180. Counting the Crows
181. The Five Identical Shahs
182. Wanderlust Takes Akbar's Seal
183. How Akbar is Greater than God
184. The Courtiers and the Curry
185. Revenge on the Bedbugs
186. Akbar's Son Keeps Bad Company
187. The Value of Broken Things
188. The Rug Merchant and the Boatman
189. Dogs and Sons-in-Law
190. Birbal Tells an Endless Story
191. Falling in a Pot of Honey
192. The Roots of the Pear Tree
193. Shooting the Shirt in the Dark
194. The Mauve Calf
195. Telling Left from Right in the Dark
196. The Beggar on the Roof
197. The Cloak Fell Down the Stairs
198. Feast at the End of the World
199. The Nine Gold Coins
200. Nasruddin Punishes the Bull
201. Nasruddin Alters the Falcon
202. Nasruddin's Bride, Veiled
203. Nasruddin's Wife Serves Hot Soup
204. Nasruddin's Contrary Mother-in-Law
205. Disciple Wants to Hear a Secret
206. Don't Disturb the Camels
207. Nasruddin Brings Joy
208. Sack of Gold in the Morning
209. The Taste of Saltwater
210. The Mysteries of Cause-and-Effect
211. The Captain of the Sinking Ship
212. The Cat Burglar
213. The Donkey Who Ate Less and Less
214. Green Apples under the Bed
215. Nasruddin's Magnificent Turban
216. Nasruddin Borrows a Sword
217. The Undertaker, Just in Case
218. Brick as Evidence of House
219. Writing, Not Reading
220. Eat, Shake, Eat Some More
221. Nasruddin's Expensive Omelettes
222. The Wisdom of Carrots
223. Eggplant: Stuffed or Fried?
224. The Origin of Minarets
225. Nasruddin "Rescues" a Woman
226. A Beating in the Bakery
227. Nasruddin Pins the Little Man
228. Fear Makes Nasruddin a Mystic
229. Eat, Before It Eats Us
230. How Do You Cause a Flood?
231. Hard Turnips
232. Nasruddin and the Wild Horse
233. Tamerlane Hears Nasruddin's Sermon
234. Dangers of Sleeping on the Highway
235. Nasruddin Takes a Shortcut
236. Nasruddin Asks Dervish for Grapes
237. Climbing to the Sky on a Rope
238. The Identifying Eggplant
239. The Wolf Pack and the Donkey
240. The Lake is Beautiful, But...
241. The Soup of the Soup of the Soup
242. Anger Medicine
243. The Book with the Bizarre Title
244. Bartering is a Waste of Time
245. A Fiery Ramayana Recitation
246. A Poem Praising the Pandavas
247. Fans with Fresh Flowers
248. The Roots of Rasagulla
249. The Teacher Curses Nasruddin
250. Seven Nasruddin Stories at Once
251. The Thief in the Water Jar
252. Keep Your Eyes on the Door
253. Chicks in Mourning
254. Rooster on the Way to Market
255. Rescuing the Man in the Minaret
256. Nasruddin Does the Opposite
257. Nasruddin Digs a Hole
258. Swearing Falsely in Court
259. A Lake of Yogurt
260. Good News ... for Me!
261. Nasruddin Keeps His Shoes
262. The Price of Lute Lessons
263. Wells, Turned Upside Down
264. Where to Hide the Money?
265. Counting the Donkeys
266. Sharing the Load
267. Nasruddin's Donkey on Fire
268. The Power of Ammonia
269. The Gushing Hydrant
270. Guess What's in My Pocket
271. Just Two Questions
272. The Poor Man's Consolation
273. Ferrying the Blind Men
274. Reptentence in the Storm
275. Dates, with Pits Included
276. Tamerlane's Elephant
277. The Clumsy Barber
278. Taking Care of the Saplings
279. Leaving out the Figs
280. Bury Me in an Old Coffin
281. Gossiping with a Stranger
282. The Funeral is Coming
283. Limit to Life and Death
284. Dividing the Glass of Milk
285. It Looks Like We're Moving
286. The Fire's in My Mouth
287. The Word for Hot Soup
288. Nasruddin Smuggles Eggs
289. Nasruddin Ate the Honey
290. Nasruddin Prays for his Axe
291. The Donkey Becomes a Saint
292. Eating with His Hands
293. Nasruddin Has Twins
294. A Chicken from God
295. Seeing the Dream Clearly
296. Looking for the Lock
297. Nasruddin's Kitchen Dream
298. The Twin's Funeral
299. Nasruddin Pushed out of Bed
300. Nasruddin's Watch Shop
301. Nasruddin Walking Barefoot
302. Toy for Baby Being Born
303. My Wife Told Me to Eat It!
304. Nasruddin the Negotiator
305. Can't Afford to be Sick
306. Nasruddin and the Mayor
307. The Days of Ramadan
308. Nasruddin and the Rich Scholar
309. Gossiping about a Food Delivery
310. The Disappearing Porter
311. The Man No One Could Trick
312. I Heard I Was Dead
313. Watching Thieves at Work
314. The Milkman's Donkey
315. Nasruddin Plays Polo
316. Nasruddin's Older Brother
317. No Complaints about Spring
318. You Can't Please Everyone
319. The Pleasure of Finding
320. The Tomb Isn't Done
321. Nasruddin Goes to the Mountain
322. Clothesline on the Floor
323. Nasruddin at the Donkey Auction
324. Jewelry in the Scales
325. A Hundred Coins from Heaven
326. The Quarrel and the Wedding
327. Don't Tell Me the House Is Burning
328. Counting the Men and the Women
329. Complaints about Nasruddin's Wife
330. Nasruddin's WIfe's Name
331. Fasting and Kisses
332. Old Men and Younger Accomplices
333. What to Do with Forty-Year-Old Wife
334. Selling Half the House
335. Nasruddin's Two Blue Beads
336. A Doctor for Nasruddin's Wife
337. Nasruddin's Son and the Sunrise
338. Nasruddin Serves Imaginary Soup
339. Robbers Dressed as Dervishes
340. Straining the Fish Stew
341. Nasruddin's Psychic Donkey
342. The Thief and the Manure
343. The Thief and the Braying Donkey
344. Who Will Feed the Donkey?
345. Looking for Someone Else's Donkey
346. The Donkey and the Cat
347. The Worst, Average, and Best Donkeys
348. Nasruddin the Donkey-Vendor
349. The Dogs and the Rocks
350. Nasruddin Prays for a Donkey
351. Finding the True Mother
352. The Shape of the Precious Jewel
353. Akbar Puts the Empress to Work
354. The Gallows of Gold
355. Shaving the Woodcutter's Donkey
356. The Cat that Won't Drink Milk
357. Riddles about Here and There
358. Two Mangoes for Seven Guards
359. A Feast for the Truly Lazy
360. Bad News, Good News
361. The Powerful Whims of a Child
362. Who Can Identify the Horse?
363. The Miracle of the Wooden Sword
364. Statue of a Lion in a Cage
365. Grains of Rice on a Chessboard
366. Reward for Rescue from a Fire
367. Donkeys in the Ganges
368. Gold Coin in a Barrel of Grain
369. Stop Blocking My Sun
370. Akbar's Son in a Tree
371. A Foolish Servant Watches by Night
372. The Scheme of the Two Thieves
373. Prayers of the Two Beggars
374. How a Donkey Reads
375. God and Laundry Day
376. The Flying Donkey
377. The Boys and the Turban
378. The Big Empty Bowl
379. Forced to Eat Halva
380. The Philosopher's Pan of Baklava
381. The Ox with Magnificent Horns
382. Getting Rich from Tufts of Wool
383. Wolf Cub, Wolf Tail
384. Which Road Goes to Agra?
385. News of Nasruddin's Death
386. A Bribe of Honey
387. Gold in the Bag, Stones in the Bag
388. Number of a Donkey's Legs
389. Changing Clothes in the Cemetery
390. Nasruddin on Fire with Thirst
391. Counting the Number of Madmen
392. Cursed to Laughter
393. Judging the King's Poetry
394. Fine for a Thump on the Head
395. Maybe the Thief Will Find Something
396. The Hare in the Bag and the Quart Measure
397. The Tax Collector in the Fountain
398. Cloak and Turban of a Drunken Man
399. Cooked Quail, Resurrected
400. Income from a Roasted Chicken
401. Who's Selling the Vegetables?
402. Bury Me Upside-Down
403. Counting the Bangles
404. Cover Me from Head to Toe
405. The Lowest and Noblest Beggar
406. The Gardener's Proof of Loyalty
407. Each Must Prove His Own Truth
408. The Milk of an Ox
409. The Astrologer Faces Execution
410. The Pot Covered with a Cloth
411. The Test of the Donkey's Tail
412. The Miser and the Poet
413. Strong Shield, Sharp Sword
414. Discovering the Real Mother
415. Finding the Buried Treasure
416. A Journey around the World
417. Who Stole the Ring?
418. The Broken Bottle
419. The Matches Are Good
420. The Boys and the Toy Shops
421. Bringing Gifts from Grandmother
422. The Butcher and the Cow's Feet
423. Rolling the Walnuts Home
424. Family Members
425. A Series of Would-be Brides
426. Having the Groceries Delivered
427. How to Use the Pest Powder
428. The Waiter's Calculations
429. The Multitalented Horse
430. The Grave of the Dead Donkey
431. Who Will Sleep with the Giraffe?
432. Selling Mule to Buy the Manger
433. Dividing in God's Way
434. Too Many People in the House
435. God, Take What You Want!
436. What the Sultan Said to Me
437. An Interview with Tamerlane
438. Who Came in Next-to-Last?
439. The One-Legged Goose
440. Educating the Donkey
441. The Three Holy Dreams about Food
442. The Ring That Is Not on the Finger
443. Painful Shave from a New Barber
444. Rumor of a Food Giveaway
445. Why Did God Make Us?
446. A Good Seat at the Crossroads
447. Taking the Lesser Coin on Purpose
448. Debtor One Time, Creditor the Next
449. A Place with No Heat, No Light
450. Keeping the World in Balance
451. Sharpening the Knife for a Feast
452. Nasruddin Brings News of his Death
453. Nasruddin Wears Mourning in Advance
454. When Nasruddin's World Ends
455. Small Nuts on a Big Tree
456. Dividing What Nasruddin Leaves Behind
458. Nasruddin's Moonbeam Prayer
459. White Hair, Dark Beard
460. Nasruddin Caught with a Knife
461. Asking for a Loan in a Strange Town
462. Nasruddin and the Fakir
463. Thinking of Others as Yourself
464. Being Able to Afford to Feel Cold
465. A Hungry Audience
466. On the Couch: Asleep or Not?
467. Not Room for a Cow and a Donkey
468. When the Baby Cries
469. No Room in the Bed
470. Face in the Window
471. How to Get Across the River
472. Wrestling Champion
473. Agreeing to Half of a Loan
474. How Often Nasruddin Shaves
475. Burying Treasure under a Cloud
476. Help with a Donkey, Help with a Reward
477. Who Will Take the Larger Serving?
478. Word for a Baby Cow
479. Yogurt: Good or Bad?
480. Cow Milk versus Goat's Milk
481. Give Me Credit for Not Stealing
482. A Mirror for Personal Identification
483. The Beards of the Holy
484. Taking the Burglars' Bundles
485. Who is Wiser: Man or Camel?
486. Stealing While Standing on the Donkey
487. Nasruddin's Mystical Powers
488. Praying Fast, Praying Slow
489. Why Go to Someone's Funeral?
490. Three Times Three Months Is Nine
491. Who Is My Father's Son?
492. God's Shoe and the Devil
493. Look: You Ate Already!
494. Nasruddin and the Bad Melons
495. Burning the Beard
496. How to Tell Men from Women
497. Nasruddin's Nail
498. Nasruddin and the Wineskin
499. Skin versus Pants: Which is More Durable?
500. Which Fish Swallowed Jonah?
501. Keep Your Eye on the Door
502. Precise Measurements
503. I Haven't Eaten in Days
504. Right-Hand Horses and Left-Hand
505. The Wild Shepherd's Riddle
506. Books for Babies
507. The Donkey's Decree
508. Noah's Dove
509. Camel Seeds
510. Who Comes before God?
511. The Best Meal in the World
512. The Small Golden Box
513. Speaking Foreign Languages
514. A Sacrifice When Needed
515. The Sick Man's Symptoms
516. Watermelon and Meatballs
517. Who Does the Ground Belong To?
518. Eating the Meatballs
519. How Could You Do That? Like This!
520. Like Mom Used to Make
521. A Feast Funded by Shoes
522. Soup from a Key
523. Eating the Fish Heads
524. Eating at a Restaurant
525. Chasing the Olives
526. A Cure for Deafness
527. The Place Where Everyone Goes
528. The Timing of the Curse
529. Every Day a Holiday
530. God's Will and My Will
531. [unassigned]
532. Rooster on the Way to Market
533. Where to Meet the Lion
534. Nasruddin the Fortuneteller
535. Where the Sun Goes at Night
536. Praise the Donkey, Blame the Donkey
537. The Elephant's Defects
538. Nasruddin and the Hornets' Nest
539. What Is the Donkey Doing?
540. Collecting Money at the Coffeehouse
541. Nasruddin in the Warehouse
542. Past, Present, and Future
543. What You Want to Hear at Your Funeral
544. Four Men, Four Donkeys
545. Recognition
546. Nsaruddin's Generosity
547. Changing Directions
548. Tapioca Flour and Garlic
549. The Bear in the Cage
550. Silver Coin, Gold Coin
551. Who is the Holiest?
552. A Show of Faith
553. Different Strokes for Different Folks
554. A Letter for Nasruddin
555. People and Parrots
556. The Rude Man in the Teahouse
557. Start by Relaxing
558. The World's Dimensions
559. The Power of the Ramanama
560. Selling the Horse and the Cat
561. The Pious Parrots
562. What You Can Do to a Horse
563. Scholars in the Kitchen
564. The Mice Who Eat Iron
565. Stars and Mustard Seeds
566. Akbar's Riddle Contest
567. Eating the Berries and the Seeds
568. Thinking of the Emperor's Happiness
569. Wits or Weapons?
570. The Plate of Gold Coins
571. Gifts of the Goddess Kali
572. Thieves to Water the Garden
573. [unassigned]
574. The Sound of Work
575. Building an Oven
576. Treasure in the Basket
577. Carving the Chicken
578. The Quivering Needle
579. Thieves in the Well
580. What Does the Cow Say?
581. The Bear in the Pear Tree
582. The Shoes in Nasruddn's Pocket
583. A Camel's Head
584. Paying Nothing
585. Eating on Credit
586. Going to Bed Hungry
587. Garlic and Honey
588. Nasruddin Rebukes the Grocer
589. Bread and Salt, Literally
590. Nasruddin's Chewing Gum
591. Pious Roofbeams
592. Floor Above and Ceiling Below
593. The Grocer's Bill
594. Attack of the Kitchen Utensils
595. Ear Bitten, Head Banged
596. The Teacher's Cane
597. The Donkey's Way
598. The Thief's Shoes
599. Potter and Farmer
600. Getting Your Attention
601. Donkey Spectacles
602. Catching Some Sleep
603. Ingredients for an Omelette
604. Visiting Friends
605. Youth and Old Age
606. Curing a Headache
607. What a Yawn Means
608. Eating in the Open
609. The Villagers' Power
610. Donkey on Horseback
611. The Nobleman's Portrait

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